RiDo's Hunting Story for solving the F2L of the Rubik's Cube


RiDo’s Hunting Story for F2L

The easiest F2L tutorial for beginners! (View responses)
Amusing tips, tricks & ideas on RiDo’s Bonus Video

Want to know how to solve the F2L of the Rubik's Cube easily? Can't figure out how the pieces move around the cube? Hate memorizing algs? You've come to the right place. This is your source for "F2L made easy"

Intro: The Fridrich (or CFOP) method is one of the most popular and fastest ways to solve a Rubik’s cube. In under 1 min to around 15-20 sec. However in CFOP (Cross-F2L-OLL-PLL) the F2L (First two layers) is tricky, time consuming and crucial as there are 42 possible cases. 41 plus 1 solved case. Solving them by intuition can be a pain in the beginning. And you should not memorize all 41 cases. Here’s where RiDo’s Hunting Story comes to the rescue and makes life easy! Very very easy! With this story you can solve the Fridrich F2Ls quickly without any brain stress or algorithm memorization. And you'll keep improving…

Concept: You have the bunny ears’ story for tying shoelaces. Similarly you now have ‘RiDo’s Hunting Story’ for building your F2Ls easily.

Teach yourself intuitive F2L in 30 mins flat!
If you are very new to cubing, please learn the beginners method first
RiDo's Hunting Story [PART 1 of 2]
(skip directly to 4:30 if you know what the f2l is)

RiDo's Hunting Story [PART 2 of 2]

Hows that!? Cool! Now... I've added a little something for you. RiDo’s Bonus Video!. This video shows unusual tips, tricks and ideas, which both beginners and advanced people will enjoy. Here we go...

RiDo's Bonus Video

Thrilled? I’m sure you are! Hope you've learnt a lot and are now a better cuber/cubist ... not now :)
An enormous amount of solo effort has gone into content research and video production. I'd appreciate if you visit the FB page.
Discussions here.

For PLL pattern recognition (advanced last layer thing) visit this page.

For improving look ahead and solving fast visit this post

Happy hunting, happy cubing!
Rishi Doshi
Author - RiDo's Hunting Story

P.S. Keeping our younger audiences in mind, cartoonish animal characters are selected instead of real hunting footages.


Anonymous said...

This was simply superb! thank u vry much!

Dylan Patel said...

I don't under stand a thing you said

Anonymous said...

Awsome explaination... I was searching to get someone explain F2L simple and which makes sense rather memorizing algorithms... I liked it.. thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all efforts! :)

S said...

I hardly ever comment on anything- but I have to say you are a fantastic teacher. I had just about given up learning this method and now in just a half hour, it's the simplest thing. I never realized just how much talent it takes to teach until today, when I looked at countless incomprehensible tutorials before finally finding this one. It's really a rare ability.

Unknown said...

Very good, thanks

costas b12 said...

Very good, thanks

Alamin Khan said...

ur really an awesome man. I had never seen any kind tutorial before. I was really searching for a tutorial like that. Too much good. Thanks a lot man.

Thuc Nguyen said...

wow .... look impressive , wish I could do that
teefury , redbubble , threadless.

Thuc Nguyen said...

wow .... look impressive , wish I could do that
teefury , redbubble , threadless.

Cobus said...

After watching many f2l videos, reading many tuts and difficult to understand algorithms, this technique by analogy is by far the most intuitive way of learning and remembering f2l. A master is someone who can take a difficult concept and explain it simply, clearly and in a comprehensible way, and you are definitely a master!

Ray said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You

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