PLL Patterns & Algorithms (Excel + PDF)

Here’s a little tool that will be helpful when you learn the PLLs. Unique patterns, that are needed to identify the permutation, have been marked alongside the respective perm and algorithm.

What are PLL Patterns?
Ever wondered how speed cubers quickly recognize which (out of 21) perm to execute? They do not imagine those scary red and blue arrows on yellow squares (that show how the pieces move). Nobody does! They recognize patterns that are made after the completion of the OLL step. So patterns are basically … well, watch badmephisto’s pll recognition video and you’ll come to know what I’m talking about. I have only sketched what badmephisto has taught in the video. So this tool can be thought of as a printable version of that video. Shown in the sample image below are headlights and 2-pair blocks.

Sample Image

Benefits of excel over jpeg? ... Easy Customization!
You can endlessly customise it without the worry of photoshop layers.
- Rotate the images as you like.
- Edit recognition patterns the way you personally recognize them.
- Add/Edit algs, notes as needed... and so on

A member (oll+phase+sync) suggested that you can even mark an arrow for the way a block/layer starts moving, depending on which alg you favour.

In the file I've put 2 options:
1. Large diagrams where you can write your own notes - 3 page print.
2. Small diagrams - 1 page print (back to back)

Download version 1.01. (PDF version also available)
PLL Patterns Excel file PLL Patterns PDF file

Recognize PLL by seeing 2 sides

1. G perm not working?

Just did a G perm and still left with a U perm? Well, it was an A perm to begin with. It happens when you are new and hasty. Look behind the headlights too. You'll find a 3 block!

2. Determine which way to swap the corners for the E Perm:


RiDo's Hunting Story for F2L

credits: badmephisto
You must visit his pll page to learn how to execute the pll algs. He has explained it nicely.

Forum discussion here.

And don’t worry, it’s not a crime to refer to such sheets. Many cubers mark these headlights/patterns on the standard pll figures, with marker pens, when they learn. So it’s nothing new.

For improving F2L look ahead and solving fast visit this post


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